This plugin allows admins to modify the size of the following: All of the body, heads, hands and weapons, and torsos.

Admin CommandsEdit

Command #userid | name | target scale time in seconds Description
sm_resize J-Man 5.0 60 Changes whole body size.
sm_resizehead @me 0.25 50 Changes head size.
sm_resizehands @all 3.0 1 Changes Hands and Weapon Size.
sm_resizetorso Death-Bunny 30.0 Changes torso size.

The following two commands can reset ether your on size back to 1.0 or someone else's size back to 1.0

Command #userid | name | target
sm_resizereset @all

These commands can only be used on yourself, and have not been tested or experimented with. Go to the plugin page on alliedmodders for information on how to use them.


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