One of the newer faces of Party Honcho, Soma is an interesting young man who uses outdated memes and shitposts to entertain folks. He's been a part of Party Honcho since July of 2016 and have been a part of several events, hosted by J-Man and TheNixedOne.

Origins Edit

Soma started to play Team Fortress 2 around May of 2013. At the time, Soma was in high school and had a crappy computer that only played TF2 at 15 fps and Minecraft at 60 fps. Due to that, he wasn't able to play on pubs because his constant shitty framerate would end up frying his computer.

He decided to find some servers that would not destroyed his house from a computer fire and finally found one, called Nightteam. At the time, Soma was learning the kinks and features of Team Fortress 2 and learning what it was like to be on trade servers. Unfortunately, his computer did die and he was not able to play Team Fortress 2 (or anything) until he was able to afford a new one.

In June of 2016 however, Soma managed to save enough money and buy himself a new laptop that would allow him to play games that wouldn't destroy the laptop. During that time, the Nightteam server shut down and he had to find another server. That's when he found Party Honchos. He knew that the server existed around the time that he started playing TF2 but he wasn't able to join the server because it would crash his game.

He then finally joined in July of 2016 and became a regular since. He now joins J-Man and TheNixedOne in helping out the server events, if needed.

Personality Edit

Soma is a decently nice person although he rarely talks through the mic because of him being an introvert. He is very caring and does respect those he cares about. However, he does get annoyed from time to time, mainly from sqeakers and annoying kids, and only gets angry if people annoy him on purpose.

Where Can I Find Him? Edit

Soma is usually found on NeonHeights Idle Server, most likely goofing off with friends but he's also on discord, talking to J-Man and friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Soma's name is actually the first name of the main protagonist of the Castlevania Sorrow games: Soma Cruz.
  • In fact, his favorite video game franchise is Castlevania.
  • He only has one unusual because he's too poor to afford one. If you're wondering, it's a tipped lid painted Team Spirit with the unusual effect: Starstorm Slumber. Its name? "M'lady"
  • He's also got an Australium but he's looking to get an Australium Knife or Rocket Launcher