"I'm just guy who wants to have fun oh! and kill kids and drink their blood cause....FUCK IT" - Soul 2016

History Edit

Joined the server by sheer coincidence by randomly adding it to my favorites and connected and the first person i met was AveragePanda.

Friends Edit


Became friends after some good time on Mikes.

Casho Edit

Like Moss became friend after spending good times on Mikes.

(Honourable Mention) Pool Party God Edit

Dont Fuck with him he may be adorable but don't let that fool you

Jana Edit

She stumbled onto mike honchos on day with one of her friends Fluff she chatted for bit and we became really good friends in the days after.

Khmerkamikazi Edit

Thought this guy was aimbotting son of a bitch! but did get to know him later on.

Trivia Edit

Favorite game of all-time is Fallout:New Vegas.

Favorite Band is Bad Religion.

Favorite type of humor is Dark Humor.

Owns a Deviantart account.

His birthday is April 17th.

Has a talent for doing Voices.